Goodbye To Freedom America

And So the Death knell has rung once more,
Once it rang when the fool was elected,
The Pawn, The Empty Suit,
Once it rang as cars companies were taken
Now Government motors
Once it now Rings as the bill to kill the economy passes
When shall it ring it's fourth and probably last time?
When shall this land end?
We cannot hope to escape this fate
A path of destruction now awaits us
Too far are we now gone...

Goodbye to the Freedom of the United States of America....


Hello just joined, I'm considered a Limited Government Constitutionalist, though I would prefer a few variations on the constitution that would turn it into a meritocratic republic (Read Heinlein's Starship Troopers and ignore the movie). And as far as health care goes I want the government out completely, No HMOs, No FDA, No AMA, Just say no to government period, Just pure and simple one on one care and payment. Course thats not going to happen anytime soon but I can still say that I've suggested it to people.

Greetings and salutations!

Hello! I just joined this comunity, and here I was thinking right wing furries were just an urban legend lol. Anyways I heard a speach last night on the radio, made by Ronald Reagan in '61 I beleive. He was talking about health care reform and it seemed to be 100 times more relevant today. I found it to be truly horrifying and proceeded to hide under the covers. I will do some sluething and try to find it online, wondering if anyone knows the speach I'm talking about
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Way to go Aussies


The Australian version of Cap and Tax has gone down in flames. Just a week ago, it looked to be a done deal. The leader of the Conservative party, Malcolm Turnbull, had announced that his party had worked out a deal, and that his party would support this. Under the Australian Parliamentary system, his party was committed to vote as a block in favour of the Cap and Tax legislation. All that awaited was a Senate vote.
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Musings from a Moron


I came across this blog over at Town Hall: Conservative Resistance Movement. This blog is run by a retired Marine that calls himself "GunnyG". I know this because he's constantly reminding us of the 21 years he spent in the USMC. It makes a mockery of the USMC, as this guy plays down to the stereotype which has led to Marines' being known as "jarheads".

This looks all too much like a trendy-leftie mole who's trying way too hard, and I probably wouldn't be writing about it, but it does exemplify what is wrong with the movement. There is a certain visceral delight in reading rants like these, just as there is from throwing baseballs at crockery at the county fair. In the end, however, it does nothing constructive.
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